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January 2008

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Welcome back to all of our readers
. It's been a cold January weather wise, but it's been hotin the publishing and electronics world. Apple continues to add itswow factor by introducing the world's thinnest notebook: The MacBook Air, iTunesMovie rentals and adding new features to the iPhone and iPodtouch through software upgrades. All these add up to an even richercomputing experience for users of the Apple line of products. WithApple commanding such attention, we focus our meeting this month ontheir latest version of OS X:10.5 - Leopard, and explore it's features in depth.

If you haven't noticed yet, there is a growing movement towardspublishing content for the mobile platform as evidenced by Apple's newannouncements a few weeks ago at MacWorld SF. Many of the majorproducers of desktop publishing software have expanded their offeringsin this critical growth market. Adobe joins that trend by expandingtheir deployment of Flash and the use of AdobeDevice Central CS3 on mobile devices to enable video, content andbrowsing, user interfaces and data applications. Even Quark has gotteninto the act by introducing QuarkInteractive Designer, their web and SWF project creation plug-infor QuarkXpress 7. 2008 may well be the year of Mobile Media.

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Programming Reminder

Thursday, January 31st

Apple's Leopard: A ReviewExclusively for Graphics Professionals

Details:Reception: 6:00 p.m. Meeting starts at 6:30p.m. Dodd Camera & Video, 2077 East 30th St., Cleveland, OH 44115.(216-361-6805)
Parking: Free parking at Dodd's location.There is secured overflow parking next door, behind Dodds. Additionalstreet parking is also available on Prospect Avenue. Directions are onour website. For current trafficinfo, click on or copy this link:  Cleveland TrafficConditions, WKYC.
Scott Seifert, Team Spike Consulting
Cost: Members are Free. Non-members $10.
Raffle Prize(s):
Many Leopard items, including acopy of Leopard

In October, Apple officiallyreleased Mac OS X 10.5, alias "Leopard."But for graphics professionals is it a ferocious cat or a feeble pet?What does it mean for those that use the computer as a tool every day?Can it help the bottom line or speed up production. Is Leopard amust-have or can you wait to update?

These are some of the questions presenter Scott Seifert will cover inhis introduction of OS X 10.5. He'll review many of the new featuresthat have enhanced OS X and reveal some of the changes that may be astep backward. A comprehensive Q&A session will follow, so bringyour questions and concerns for all to learn from.

Scott Seifert is a popular presenter at CDPUG meetings. He holds aphotography degree from Ohio University and spent the first five yearsof his working life as a photographer. He then switched careers to webdevelopment as a network administrator, providing Mac support at firstbut later gaining extensive experience in Windows. Scott has nowreturned to his "roots" and is working with Team Spike Consulting,Inc., supporting the Apple Macintosh community.

Have additionalquestions on unrelated topics or just want to relaxafterwards?
Join us for the After The Meeting-Meetingat theSiam Cafe,located on the corner of East 40th Street and St. Clair Avenue. For more about ourmeeting, our guests and driving directions, go to our website: http://www.cdpug.org/

Upcoming meetingsinclude:

February28th - On-lineOffice Apps. Focus on On-line applications that rival major desktopapps. (Emphasis on Google applications)

March 27th - HowTo Be A Road Warrior. Learn how to leverage technology when you'reon the road and how to survive outside the office.

Community dates of interest
(See ourwebsite for current listings)

January 30th. AdobeCS3 Integration from InDesign / Cleveland Institute of Art | OhioBell Auditorium. 11141 East Blvd., Univ. Circle. / Starts 6:00 p.m. Pat Lally and April Clark willshow us how to take advantage of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 integrationfrom an InDesign point of view.. Registration suggested. Hostedby the ClevelandInDesign User Group.

February 5th AdobeFlex 3/AIR Tour / ClevelandAdobe Users Group| Dealer Tire, LLC, located at 3711 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114/ 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Adobe AIR is game-changing in somany ways, extending rich applicationsto the desktop, enabling access to the local file system, system tray,notifications and much more. This is a special pre-release tour.Speaker Kevin Hoyt is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe.

February 6th Automating Podcast Production Apple Seminar/ Meegan Brinckerhoff| Crowne Plaza Hotel - CLEVELAND AIRPORT, 7230 Engle Rd, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130/ 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Features Podcast Producer app in depth from features to deployment. Registration required.

February 15th / MacGroupDetroit | TheBirmingham Temple 28611 W 12 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, Michigan / 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. iPhone, PDAs, Internet access on thego, gadgets, tips and tricks and more...( There is carpooling availablefrom Cleveland area to this meeting. Contact Spike Radway for detailsat teamspike@mac.com)

What's News

Make Post Production a Breeze....
from the folks at TotalTraining.com.Just released are there highly anticipated DVD and On-line trainingseries for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium  softwareproducts.  From content to delivery, you'll learn to output to film,video, web and more.

Something for everyone....
can be found at CPAC's (Community Partnership for Arts andCulture) website: www.cpacbiz.org. Thereis information on current local design contests, small business forumsand many other creative opportunities. Don't miss out on the localscene!

Doyou have a topic you'd like to see at one of our meetings? Drop us asuggestion with the subject line of "Meeting Topic" to ezine@cdpug.org


Go retro...
by having any imageconverted to ASCII text art at Glassgiant.com. For thoseof you who may not be old enough to remember when you couldn't sendimages via e-mail or knew what a dot-matrix printer was, this brilliantlittle on-line app allows anyone to upload an image and convert itfaithfully into an image made up of a series of letters, numbers andcharacters. A very unique throwback to the early days of digital art.


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