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The Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG)

We are a non-profit organization which brings together Northeast Ohio’s digital graphics professionals for networking and professional development.

We keep members connected through monthly meetings featuring speakers, panel discussions or field trips, our e! Newsletter, the CDPUG Blog and Job Bank in addition to our social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Our meeting topics are diverse and platform independent – covering topics such as designing type, the latest apps, drone photography and web design as well as business topics like health insurance, self-promotion, selling art and remote communications. Share ideas with other members in your own expertise or explore related fields and broaden your contacts. Many of our members operate their own businesses, while others are employed at various-sized companies in many industries throughout the area.

CDPUG is a completely volunteer-run organization with a variety of opportunities to expand your capabilities. Getting involved in your industry can advance your own career and business. The wider your professional circle, the more trusted your referrals and the more professionals who can refer you and your business to their clients. Volunteering also increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose and contributes to the growth of our industry. For more information on board positions and volunteering with CDPUG, please contact us.

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Member Showcase

Every year in May, we present the Member Showcase. Members in good standing are offered an opportunity to present a 5 minute slide show or video to let participants learn more about their business, skill set, and hobbies! Success is through relationships.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

Monthly CDPUG meetings provide timely, relevant programming led by well-versed speakers. Our e-newsletters are packed with group news, industry updates and other local tech event details. The CDPUG Job Bank delivers a curated selection of local employment opportunities and is available exclusively to members. You will discover that our group is composed of a hearty cache of talented and knowledgeable industry experts, enabling you to improve your business and expand your professional network.


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