The Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) has been serving the graphics community for over 32 years. It was originally founded as the Cleveland Desktop Publishing Users Group by Pixie Hranilovich in 1988 way back when desktop publishing and personal computers were just taking off. Graphic artists, designers and printers were learning to embrace this new age of technology brought about by PCs, Macs, laser printers, WYSIWYG, and Postscript.

Current and founding member Spike Radway has been a driving force for the group. Spike has held nearly every position on the board - including President for several terms. His favorite and longest running position is as Director of Programming. Spike loves seeking and choosing speakers and topics for CDPUG’s monthly meetings.

In 1998 the group changed its name to Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group to better reflect trends toward digitization of the print industry and information in general, and our members’ focuses on digital arts and technology.

In the decades since it’s conception, CDPUG has continued to follow the advancements in technology: from software to apps, floppy disks to CDs and DVDs to the Cloud. Our members have set metal type, prepared paste-ups, and separated film, then generated print-ready PDFs, published websites, sold e-books and developed apps. They have processed rolls of film in a dark room then moved to digital images, video and social media. They have worked on desktop systems, laptops and tablets; and drawn with a pencil, a mouse and now a stylus.

Members range from experienced pros to recent graduates and this diversity makes our group rich. Everyone has something to learn and often something to teach in our meetings that usually conclude with a lively question and answer session.

CDPUG strives to help its members adapt and grow in their careers and their art. Become a part of an enriching community – Join today!

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We are always looking for member involvement – whether you are a guest speaker or volunteer for a committee, we are always looking for help.


Our board members are a group of dedicated volunteers that sustain CDPUG. Based on a group of talented and dedicated individuals that work within the design/digital/social/print media, their knowledge base continues to support new programming, membership and more.

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