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Reception: 6:00 pm
Program: 6:30 pm. This will be a hybrid meeting, in-person and Zoom using our Meeting Owl. Based on the topic and logistics of this program, in-person will be a much better experience.

Learn about the equipment and software in the Innovation Centers throughout Cuyahoga County Public Library. Orientation sessions offer time to get acquainted with the Innovation Center's machines, spaces and policies. Attending this orientation will allow users to utilize the Innovation Centers throughout the Cuyahoga County Public Library system.

The Innovation Centers at Cuyahoga County Public Library are creative, collaborative and educational spaces that provide access to advanced software, emerging technologies and production equipment. Equipment at the Innovation Center are: Lab Computers & Software, AccuCut Die-Cutting Machine, Coding & Programming Equipment, Cricut Maker, Cuttlebug, Embroidery Machine: Brother PR1000E, Heat Press, Inkjet Printer, Large Format Printing, Sewing Machine: Singer Heavy Duty. Oriented users are required to attend a basics class before using the following equipment: CNC router, embroidery machine and laser cutter/engraver, Laser Engraver/Cutter, Mat Cutter, ShopBot Desktop CNC, Sublimation Printer, 3D Printing / MakerBot Replicator+ / MakerBot 5th Generation, Vinyl Cutter, Wacom Digital Drawing Tablets

There is no charge to use the equipment in the Innovation Centers, however users are responsible for the costs of consumable materials (e.g., 3D printing filament, vinyl material). Limited supplies of consumable materials are available for purchase. We encourage innovators to bring their own pre-approved materials for their projects.

Innovation Centers are located at the Bay Village Branch, Mayfield Branch, Parma-Show Branch and the CDPUG home base branch, Garfield Heights.

Recommended Resource by the Library

Innovation Centers Reference Guide

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